Air Lift at 4600 Madison

Air Lift of Replacement Cooling Towers

Rand's Objective: Replace two existing out-dated cooling towers with new Marley NC8405 500 ton cooling towers, as well as replace electrical conduits and the supply piping while reusing the equalizer line and return lines at 4600 Madison in Kansas City, Missouri.

Rand's Approach: 4600 Madison is located on the west end of the Country Club Plaza at the intersection of Roanoke, Madison, and Belleview. Limited space made it impossible to reach the roof with a crane so the solution was to hire Construction Helicopters out of Howell, Michigan to lift the equipment. Since each new cooling tower had a shipping weight of 9,919 pounds, which exceeded the lifting capacity of the helicopter, Rand requested that the cooling tower manufacturer prepare a list of all the items that could be left off of the cooling towers, shipped to the jobsite, and installed by Rand after the cooling towers were replaced in order to get the weight of the units down to a workable level.

The cooling towers were successfully replaced on March 24, 2013 despite 6" of snow on the ground and 20-30 mph winds that created visibility problems.

"I also would like to thank everyone involved with this project. Great job, and on schedule, everyone has been very professional to work with. This is why I like to work with Rand and will continue to do so in the future."

- Roy Anderson, Highwood Properties, Inc.