The Healthcare Group in General

Healthcare facilities are one of the most complex building types to construct requiring the grasp and application of unique and highly complex systems. Working inside an active facility without disrupting the delivery of services, and being cognizant of how construction activities can affect patient outcomes, increases this level of difficulty. Under these types of conditions there is no substitute for experience and the experience possessed by our company and our staff makes Rand Construction distinctively qualified.

Project Types

Rand Construction has experience and pursues projects ranging from suite renovations, the addition of a new wing, to full ground-up hospital construction projects. Our constant dedication to continuing education, both by Project Management staff and field personnel, provides us the ability to stay ahead of the most modern techniques and trends. This level of experience and training is vital in providing you with the cleanest environment for patient care.

Medical Gas Systems

Due to our experience and commitment to the Health Care Industry, Rand has invested in the training and certification of our field personnel as Certified Medical Gas Installers. This comprehensive training program covers the latest in NFPA Code and Procedures for the installation of Medical Gas Systems in Health Care Facilities.