Mission Critical

Our Capabilities

Perimeter Security

Through partnerships with security equipment suppliers and security design professionals, Rand offers a wide range of solutions to fit your facility's needs. Past projects have included installation of fixed bollards, anti-vehicular equipment, installation of boulders to security controls integration between varying manufactured equipment.

Power Generation

These projects primarily involve the addition of generator back-up to an existing mission critical facility. In most cases major renovations or replacement of existing switchgear and power distribution is part of the project. Rand brings the ability to schedule and plan around the facilities existing operations and minimize downtime.

Data Centers & Server Support Rooms

Rand offers construction and design/build services for any size of data center, ranging from small server rooms to full data processing and web hosting facilities. Past projects have ranged from data floor modifications, generation plant additions, cooling tower construction to paralleling an existing generator plant with the local utility.

Critical Power Distribution

Need to expand an existing distribution? Whether it's utility or UPS, the Rand offers design, installation, controls integration and commissioning. Our firm provides all the services necessary for a complete turn-key installation.

Clean Fuel Source Projects

Rand is currently assisting in the development and implementation of clean fuel development projects including Anaerobic Digestion, Bio-Diesel, and Ethanol.

General Construction

If all your company needs is a little more space, Rand can help. As with our technical facilities services, our company offers design/build, construction and commissioning for most structures.


Through our partnerships with Architects and Engineers, specializing in technical facilities design, Rand offers a complete turn-key installation including the design and construction of your facility.