DCS Controls

We have specialized in upgrading analog control systems to digital control systems for both electrical and process companies. Our scopes of work have included the replacement of instruments and ancillary piping systems. The DCS upgrades for electric utilities have included upgrading the burner control system with the latest igniters, scanners, igniters, etc to meet NFPA; as well as modifications to the control rooms. These control room modifications normally include upgraded architectural features, control consoles, lighting, life safety and associated wiring.

Utility Boiler Upgrades

Our boiler projects have consisted of interior and exterior tube repairs and replacement, removal and replacement of the roof, arch and pendant tubes, and the replacement of burner corner tube panels and wind box sections. Our work has been performed under ASME code utilizing certified welders and inspected and documented per our Quality Control Program as required for an authorized stamp holder.

Millwright & Ironwork


Power plants require a wide variety of work performed by Millwrights and Ironworkers. Rand has self-performed this work successfully for many years. From support structures and structural elements to conveyor systems and material handling, Rand has the workforce and management ready to serve you. Small or large, complex or quick - Rand is ready.

General Construction

Many power plant / energy center installations require the services of many, interrelated trades. Demolition, concrete, steel, excavation, mechanical, hoisting, plus the management of subcontractors and specialty contractors are all services and expertise of Rand. The more complex, the greater the demands and the more varied the requirements - this is what Rand does best. Our unique combination of self-performed capabilities and general contracting expertise make us very competitive to serve the needs of the power industry.

Whether you want to move your equipment across the plant or across country, Rand Construction can meet your needs.

Equipment Repair and Modifications

The equipment and related systems that serve a power plant require service and maintenance, and sometimes they need repair and modifications. At Rand, we have the tradesman and crafts ready to do this work. Whether the work requires boilermakers, pipefitters, plumbers, or millwrights and ironworkers - this is the type of work we do day-to-day and year-to-year. Our mechanical and steel trades are supported by a full service general contracting division. We can help you understand, diagnose, and remedy your equipment requirements.


Site Utilities & Infrastructure

The site utilities and infrastructure of a generating station are extensive. Water, gas, waste, roads, support facilities, and infrastructure that support power generation are all critical functions that Rand is established in serving. The complexity and interrelatedness of utility work is exactly why Rand has vertically integrated trade capacity. Site work, roads, trenching, concrete, piping, utility buildings, and material handling are all performed and managed by our experienced, professional staff.

HVAC Cooling Systems & Plumbing

Both the industrial cooling needs and the commercial/office side of complete HVAC systems, as well as all plumbing systems, that serve an energy center are within the core business of Rand. We are setup to serve all the HVAC and plumbing needs of your entire energy center and related infrastructure.