Marion, OH


The project scope was the conversion of HVAC and exhaust equipment associated with a confidential process room that operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. For the HVAC conversion, two existing 60-ton rooftop units were replaced with a York 150-ton air-cooled chiller and makeup air-handler designed for the supply of 100% outside air. The exhaust air conversion consisted of replacing two 5,000 cfm fans with three new systems. One fan at 2,400 cfm, one at 8,400 cfm, and one at 22,500 cfm, resulting in a complete air exchange in the process room every three minutes. To facilitate this air exchange, custom manufactured stainless steel ductwork, filter boxes, and exhaust hoods were also installed.

Unique Features/Challenges: 

The work was conducted in parallel with plant operations until a predetermined conversion date. The conversion was scheduled over a holiday weekend with 72 hours of downtime available. After approximately 45 hours of process related piping and ductwork replacement, all systems were commissioned and turned over to the owner.

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