Topeka, KS


This project consisted of renovating the District Courtroom on the fourth floor of the Frank Carlson Federal Building. The existing finishes, ceiling, furniture, and millwork were all removed to prepare the courtroom for the new finishes. The courtroom received new carpet, ceilings, wood wall panels made from white maple, acoustical stretched fabric wall panels, jury seating and platform, spectator seating and a witness box. The existing judge’s bench was stripped of its existing wood veneer for the installation of bulletproof paneling, which was then covered with new white maple veneer to match the rest of the courtroom. All of the new woodwork was finished in the field to achieve a consistent finish throughout. All new doors were installed including a special pair of fire rated acoustical doors and frames at the entry to the courtroom. New light fixtures were installed throughout including six (6) thirty-three inch pendant lights that when combined with the new white ceilings greatly improved the lighting.

Unique Features/Challenges: 

One of the biggest challenges of this project was the installation of the new ceiling. The ceiling elevation was raised to fourteen feet above finish floor. This was a challenge because the existing piping above the ceiling was installed at the lower elevation of the previous ceiling. This resulted in the raising of all piping approximately three feet to accommodate the new ceiling.

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