Independence, MO


Rand has performed a number of projects for Independence Power & Light at both the Blue Valley Station and the Missouri City Station. Details of the various projects follow:

  • Turbine Induction Upgrades (Blue Valley Station): Performed repairs and modifications to the turbine water induction prevention system.

  • Tube Replacement - Units 1 & 2 (Blue Valley Station): Replaced boiler tubes on two (2) units at the municipal power plant.

  • Control Room Renovation (Blue Valley Station): Renovated power station control room and HVAC systems.

  • Emergency Restoration (Blue Valley Station): Repaired emergency weld.

  • Boiler Upgrades & Re-tube (Blue Valley Station): Replaced roof tubes and associated expansion joints.

  • Boiler Corner Re-tube - Unit 1 (Blue Valley Station): Upgraded all four (4) burner assemblies, associated parts and piping.

  • Boiler Upgrades - Unit 2 (Missouri City Station): Installed pressure part assemblies and repaired tubes.

  • Boiler Re-tube - Units 1 & 2 (Missouri City Station): Removed and replaced roof, arch, and pendant tubes.

  • Traveling Screen Replacement (Missouri City Station): Removed existing traveling screen and installed four (4) new screens for the intake structure.

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