Kansas City, MO


This project consisted of replacing the existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure, equipment and distribution system. Because Corinthian Hall (also known as R.A. Long House and The Kansas City Museum) is a historically registered building, this project was designed around maintaining the original appearance both inside and outside.

The interior work included replacing the existing radiators with new electric heat units. The existing units were housed in existing millwork cabinets that required disassembly for replacement. Each cabinet was labeled and disassembled. Once completed, the cabinets were reassembled and reinstalled while maintaining the historical value of the interior millwork.

The new HVAC system required the installation of a new cooling tower outside of the building. The only way to install the cooling tower and maintain the existing appearance was to install in below grade. This work included the excavation of a pit approximately forty feet wide by fifty feet long and forty feet deep to install the new concrete structure to house the new cooling tower. Once completed, the cooling tower structure is only visible from above.

The existing stairwell leading to the basement was structurally deteriorating and in need of restoration. The existing limestone stair treads and wall veneer stones were labeled, carefully removed and stored for reinstallation. The existing structure was removed and replaced with new cast in place concrete foundations and walls. The limestone stair treads and wall veneer stones were then cleaned and reinstalled, maintaining the historical and structural integrity of the stairwell.

The handrail at the stairwell was replaced. This required custom fabrication and assembly in order to achieve an exact replica of the existing handrail.

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