Kansas City, MO


This school renovation project included an approximately 4,100 square feet one-story steel frame cafeteria addition to the existing 1934 building, infill of the 1,400 square feet courtyard for cafeteria seating, and renovations to the existing building including approximately 4,500 square feet on the first floor and 6,000 square feet on the 4th floor.

The work on the first floor included demolition and renovations to existing library space to provide a cafeteria dining area. The steel frame addition included non-load bearing brick masonry and aluminum store front glazing fa├žade, associated mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, data systems, kitchen equipment, as well as finishes. Work on the fourth floor included demolition and renovations to the existing cafeteria to provide a new library. The library included new mechanical ductwork, electrical, lighting, critically important data systems, plumbing, demountable partitions and finishes associated with the new library. This project had a quick turnaround schedule to allow the students to get back to school on time.

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