Kansas City, MO


This project consisted of renovating the existing kitchen and offices on both the first and second floor, along with other renovations throughout the building. This building was constructed in 1908, and while there has been some expanding, there had not been any updating. The kitchen renovations opened the area and also brought it up to today’s code standards. All of the existing kitchen equipment was removed. By removing several walls and raising the ceiling height, a more spacious and operable kitchen was achieved. There was an existing office adjacent to the kitchen, in which the partition wall was removed, leaving a two foot difference in floor elevations. A new sub-floor was installed using structural studs, tongue and groove plywood, and underlayment bringing the floors to the same elevations. New stainless steel equipment was installed around the perimeter of the kitchen with new stainless steel work tables in the center area.

While the intent of this project was to update the interior, the historical value was a priority when it came time for the renovations of the offices and public spaces. The existing office walls were plaster and received repair and new paint. New carpet, base, ceiling tile and grid were installed. New trim was installed to match the existing trim and to maintain the historical value. The existing vestibule was enlarged and also received new finishes, along with the installation of new crown molding; which is an exact replica of the existing that was removed. The existing doors that lead to the multi-purpose room were replaced with new doors that were molded, stained, and finished to exactly match the removed doors. All of the original brass door hardware was sent off to be restored to its original condition and reinstalled on the new doors.

Unique Features/Challenges: 

Rand Construction took great care in renovating this historical building while maintaining his historical value.

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